Decoupling of pump motors and gears

Rubber-Metal Isolators Flex Locs
The mill wheel motor and gears are decoupled perfectly from the housing, thanks to Flex Locs Copyright: EOS Saunatechnik GmbH, 35759 Driedorf, Germany
oscillation insulation, cladding, panels and flanges

Isolation of the motor and gearbox of a mill wheel with inexpensive quick connection elements produced by ACE guarantee peace and quiet when taking a sauna

Premium sauna manufacturer EOS Saunatechnik relies on ACE rubber-metal isolators to eliminate disruptive noises in a sauna whose water for infusions is drawn from a mill wheel. During the development phase of the “mill sauna”, it became evident that the motor and gears of the mill wheel drive generated vibrations which were transmitted to the elegant stainless steel housing, and which could have led to uncomfortable noises during continuous operation. The Flex Loc quick connection elements were then installed as a preventative measure and a heavenly peace prevailed in the sauna.

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