Rubber-Metal Isolators

Ready-to-install and versatile for optimised machines and products

Consisting of eight different types, ACE presents a complete range of rubber-metal isolators. These isolate bothersome impacts and vibrations from machines and motors so much that the working conditions are considerably improved for people and the environment and so that the production results can be increased.

Whether it is levelling or robust machine feet, tube elements, vibration isolating connection elements or quick attachment elements, all ACE rubber-metal isolators can be used universally. The eight presented standard versions are perfect solutions to the majority of vibration problems known in industrial applications. And if the circumstances are different, the well-known good ACE service is at hand with individual solutions.

Product families


LEV Stability and protection against impacts: Machines and systems placed on the adjustable machine feet in ACE's LEV product family can be stabilised perfectly.


CM Breakaway protection, even when things get tough: The CM product family cup elements protect constructions and components of all types against vibrations and impacts.


COM Effective isolation of machines and plants: The COM product family consists of robust heavy duty bearings, which are particularly good at preventing vibrations and structure-borne noise due to unbalanced masses.


AAM Perfect for protecting lightweight equipment: AAM isolators, which are maintenance-free and ready-made, are designed to withstand loads between 0.


SFM Versatile, robust and maintenance-free: The SFM product family machine feet can be installed immediately and are characterised by being break-proof.


BM Small, compact vibration absorbers: The machine elements of the product family BM are designed especially for use under load in vertical compression loads.


UMO Stable connection and efficient decoupling: ACE offers two-piece isolators in the UMO product family, to connect machines or plants with adjacent components such as cabins or housings.


FL Decoupling two components effectively from each other: The quick connection element of the product family FL is a releasable pop rivet connection, which ensures simple but effective isolation of vibrations, impacts and structure-borne noise.


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