Rubber-Metal Isolators

Cone bearing for vehicle cabins

Shock and vibration dampers
Natural frequency 6.9 Hz to 11 Hz
Load range 65.3 kg to 497.6 kg

Shock and vibration dampers in one: Cone mounts from ACE can withstand high loads thanks to their compact design. They work both radially and axially thanks to a special rubber profile and can guarantee vibration isolation even if the load in each axis is different.

Available in various rubber compounds, they are suitable for a wide range of loads. The cone mounts are also tear-proof thanks to the use of washers. Designed for temperatures between -40 °C bis 70 °C, they can be mounted in all spatial axes, which means they can be used in pushing, or pushing and pulling directions.

Cone Mounts have a special rubber profile for shear and compressive stress, which enables an axial load capacity. Typical applications are in agricultural engineering, compressors, chassis and body elements as well as in common mechanical engineering.

Technical data

Natural frequency 6.9 Hz to 11 Hz

Load range 65.3 kg to 497.6 kg

Operating temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C

Material Outer body: zinc plated steel; Isolation medium: natural rubber


Fail-safe with the use of stop washers. Simple design.

Mounting information

Can be installed in all spatial axes. Can be used for shear, compressive and tensile loads.

On request

Available in other rubber compounds.


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