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Basic Types
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Profile Dampers

Compact powerhouse in solid material

Radial Damping, Heavy Duty Version
Energy capacity 405 Nm/Cycle to 11,840 Nm/Cycle
Maximum stroke 12 mm to 44 mm

Impact and collision protection: The TR-HD profile dampers are stressed in the same way as the basic model TR but offer a higher force and energy absorption with a shorter damping distance thanks to the solid design. Different damping characteristic curves can be achieved with two different co-polyester elastomer hardness levels. The slightly oval (bi-concave) shape also ensures a softer force intake.

This product family absorbs a lot of energy despite the low height: a range of 405 Nm to 11,840 Nm is progressively covered by strokes of 12 mm to 44 mm. With two screws, included in the delivery, the damper can be easily and quickly fixed both horizontally or vertically. The drill hole distance is adapted if required.

These dampers are used in agricultural technology and on shovels or break joints on construction machines as well as on loading and lifting or similar equipment.

Technical data

Energy capacity 405 Nm/Cycle to 11,840 Nm/Cycle

Stroke max. 12 mm to 44 mm

Energy absorption 43 % to 72 %

Dynamic force range 78.800 N to 812,900 N

Operating temperature range -40 °C to +90 °C

Construction size 42 mm to 117 mm

Mounting in any position

Material hardness rating Shore 40D, Shore 55D

Material Profile body: co-polyester elastomer

Environment Resistant to microbes, seawater or chemical attack. Excellent UV and ozone resistance. Material does not absorb water or swell.

Impact velocity range Max. 5 m/s

Torque max. M10: 7 Nm
M12: 12 Nm


Suitable for emergency stop applications and for continous use. For applications with preloading and increased temperatures please consult ACE.

Safety information

Mounting screw should additionally be secured with Loctite.

On request

Special strokes, -characteristics, -spring rates, -sizes and -materials.

Application Examples

Profile Dampers - TUBUS TR-HD
Silicon wafers serve as starting products for solar cells and are produced in special furnaces. Optimum positioning of the wafers is a basic requirement for all manufacturing processes in the furnaces. Loading of the furnaces, some of which are...

Application Areas

  • offshore industry
  • agricultural machinery
  • impact panels
  • conveyor systems
  • stacking units
  • shipbuilding
  • shovels or articulated joints for construction machinery
  • transport roads
  • loading and lifting equipment
These dampers are used in agricultural technology and on shovels or break joints on construction machines as well as on loading and lifting or similar equipment.

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