Safety Shock Absorbers

High resetting forces with gas pressure accumulator

Crane Installations, Optimized Characteristic
Energy capacity 16,000 Nm/Cycle to 80,000 Nm/Cycle
Stroke 100 mm to 500 mm

Robust power house: The emergency stop for use in heavy duty areas from the CB63 to CB160 product family has internal system seals. Even dirt or scratches to the piston rod do not lead to a leakage or failure. Compressed gas accumulators allow return forces of up to 100 kN in the CB models, which can make applications in multiple bridge crane systems safer, for example. The absorber body and the robust, large-sized piston rod bearing are also designed for heavy duty operations.

Just like all ACE safety shock absorbers, the characteristic curve or damping characteristics of each individual CB representative is individually adjusted to the respective application.

Whether its crane systems or machines in heavy duty applications e.g. in the metal industry or in mining, these powerful safety shock absorbers reliably protect construction designs against expensive failure.

Technical data

Energy capacity 16,000 Nm/Cycle to 80,000 Nm/Cycle

Stroke 100 mm to 500 mm

Impact velocity range 0.5 m/s to 4.6 m/s. Other speeds on request.

Reacting Force at max. capacity rating = 187 kN max.

Operating temperature range -12 °C to +66 °C. Other temperatures on request.

Mounting in any position

Positive stop Integrated

Material Outer body, Rod end button: steel corrosion-resistant coating; Piston tube: hard chrome plated steel

Damping medium Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Filling pressure approx. 5.6 bar to 5.9 bar. Rod return by integrated nitogen accumulator.


The shock absorber can be pushed through its stroke. In creep speed conditions the shock absorber provides minimal resistance and there is no braking effect.

On request

Special oils, special flanges, additional corrosion protection etc.


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