Opening and closing mechanisms for entrance gates

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GS-8 to GS-70
ACE industrial gas springs in the roller construction enable the high-quality heavy wooden gate to be opened and closed even more easily over the slightly uneven ground Copyright: Bernd Jorkisch GmbH & Co. KG, 24635 Daldorf, Germany
doors, shutters, locking systems

Easier opening and closing of high-quality, heavy wooden doors thanks to ACE industrial gas springs with innovative valve technology

Industrial gas springs from ACE are used in order that a heavy wooden gate can be driven easily over uneven ground in front of a shelter for asylum seekers. In this example, GS-40 gas springs (push type) are integrated into the metal supports of the door's wheels. In fact, the GS-40 gas springs are significantly over-dimensioned for the task as compensating elements. Thanks to the ACE valve technology, sufficient nitrogen could be vented from the cylinders of the industrial gas springs on site in order that these could be configured ideally in the roller construction to the weight of the high-quality wooden gate, and they now function perfectly.

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