Rubber-Metal Isolators Compression Mounts
Four COM-5251 compression mounts efficiently isolate the disturbing vibrations and decouple them permanently from transmission into the building Copyright: Anonymous at customer request, Germany
aggregates and machinery, buildings, blowers, compressors and ventilation systems

Vibrations checked, sleep calmed

An air conditioning splitter transmitted vibrations from the roof of the house to adjacent living and sleeping rooms. Using the free VibroChecker app from ACE, the homeowner was able to convert his iPhone into a measuring device and, thanks to the subsequent online selection of vibration dampers, quickly find a remedy and ensure healthy sleep.
Four COM-5251 compression mounts from ACE eliminate vibrations at a natural frequency of 7.0 Hz to 11.0 Hz. The machine elements are maintenance-free and are the medium of choice in low-frequency applications from around 15 Hz. In this case a cool solution, not only for hot nights.

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