Decoupling of lift drives

Rubber-Metal Isolators Hard Bell Mounts
ACE cup mounts isolate vibrations and, despite a larger drive, ensure silence in the vicinity of the machine room Copyright: A+G PRO GmbH Aufzugs- und Gebäudetechnik, 26203 Wardenburg, Germany
oscillation insulation, conveyor technology, conveyor equipment

Increased travel comfort through sustainable and efficient decoupling of lift drive and building foundation

The renovation of lifts is a demanding project. Nowadays, in addition to increased travelling comfort, they should also ensure that the means of transportation is accessible to the handicapped and that they are quiet. The fact that this was successfully achieved in this case, despite having a larger drive in comparison with the previous solution, is also thanks to the ACE rubber-metal isolators. At a natural frequency of 12 to 35 hertz, so-called cup mounts of the type CM-VSC2-40 isolate undesirable vibrations, decouple the new drive from the foundation and thus help to minimise noise to the satisfaction of the people living below the machine room.

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