Impact absorption for lock gates

Safety Shock Absorbers SDP63 to SDP160
Heavy safety shock absorbers, which are specially designed for this application, are able to brake in lock masses of up to four million kg Copyright: Mourik Limburg BV, 6101 AJ Echt, Netherlands
shipbuilding, buildings, heavy load applications, cranes, conveyor systems

Customised safety shock absorbers with optimised characteristics protect heavy lock gates from damage

Driving into lock gates should be specifically facilitated when navigating through Dutch river locks. That is why ACE developed special dampers, based on existing SDP safety shock absorbers but with optimized characteristics, a fixed stop and a stroke of 800 mm. These are able to absorb 500,000 Nm, which means they can cope with fully loaded ships and also the mechanical impacts resulting from water movement. To return to the initial position, the safety shock absorbers operate on the same nitrogen-based principle as the gas springs produced by the damping specialists in Langenfeld.

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