Saltwater-resistant impact protection for lifeboats

Profile Dampers TUBUS TR-L
Profile dampers protect lifeboats better than protective bodies of rubber, for example, thanks to greater UV resistance, even under extreme ambient conditions Copyright: Fassmer Schiffsservice GmbH & Co. KG, 17248 Rechlin, Germany
impact or collision protection, offshore industry, shipbuilding

Optimum impact protection for rescue boats at sea thanks to saltwater and UV-resistant TUBUS dampers

When launching lifeboats, it is theoretically conceivable that there will be contact between the ship and lifeboat. Launching appliances with protective bodies are fitted in order that the lifeboat is not damaged. Since TUBUS TR-L profile dampers have been doing this job on one of the largest passenger ships in the world, the regular replacement of the damping elements has become a thing of the past. This is because in contrast to earlier solutions made of rubber, the material of the ACE profile dampers does not become brittled or cracked, even in contact with salt water and UV irradiation.

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