Damping for offshore landing structures

Profile Dampers TUBUS TS
Seawater-resistant, robust TUBUS profile dampers made of co-polyester elastomer allow boats and crew to dock safely Copyright: Wals Diving and Marine Service, 1970AC Ijmuiden, Netherlands
offshore industry, dock constructions for shipbuilding, crane systems, impact panels

Seawater-resistant TUBUS dampers protect maintenance boats from damage during landing

The maintenance of wind turbines in open seas has long resulted in damage to maintenance boats. Because of impact velocity and swell, an increase in the boat's mass of up to 20 % must be taken into account when landing on a rigid mooring structure. It is only since the landing operation has been carried out with the aid of the ACE company's TUBUS structural dampers that cable repair and maintenance work on wind turbines has been made safe for both personnel and equipment. The TUBUS TS84-43 used here are seawater resistant and withstand ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +90 °C.

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