Shock relief for lifeboat housings

Rubber-Metal Isolators Flex Locs
Flex Locs increase safety when launching lifeboats because the small rubber-metal isolators protect the construction from rust and reduce vibration in the housing Copyright: Hische GmbH Stahlbau und Industrieanlagenbau, 27232 Sulingen, Germany
oscillation insulation, offshore industry, transport systems, cladding, panels and flanges, machines and plants

Saltwater-resistant ACE quick connection elements dampen vibrations, protect against rust penetration and increase the safety of lifeboats

In the present case, when compared to screw connections, the modern quick connection elements produced by ACE have a distinct advantage: their material makes them resistant to the most diverse range of aggressive media, including salt water. Because of this, they provide protection to the housings which encase emergency pressure canisters that are used for the launch of lifeboats. In the most innocuous scenario, the housings would lose their stability through the effects of rust. In the worst case, damage to the pressure canisters could occur or to the entire davit construction.

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