Industrial Shock Absorbers MA/ML33 to MA/ML64
In cooperation with the customer, ACE developed tailor-made, adjustable industrial shock absorbers made of stainless steel and brought them into series production Copyright: multiplex GmbH, 28755 Bremen, Germany
impact or collision protection, machines and plants

Noble yachts brilliantly protected by ACE

Fenders protect ships from collision damage during berthing manoeuvres. So that yachts can also survive soft and ungentle touches with other boats or jetties, ACE has worked with a customer to design ideally suited, adjustable stainless steel versions of MAGNUM industrial shock absorbers MA/ML and bring them to series production readiness. The previous solution was discoloured by penetrating salt water, which had no effect on the functionality of the fenders, but looked unsightly. The new complete package works both technically and visually to the complete satisfaction of even the most demanding yacht owners.

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