Opening and closing mechanisms for flap doors on furniture

Rotary Dampers FYN-U1
Concealed rotary dampers act on furniture and provide many advantages for masterfully-designed pieces which can be folded down, such as this bar-TV combination Copyright: Klaus Manhartsgruber, 4972 Utzenaich, Austria
Home Furniture
furniture industry, locking systems, shutters, hoods, doors

Measures against overstressing of hinges in bar and kitchen furniture

For his carpentry exam, an aspiring master carpenter created TV/bar furniture in which the bar element is provided with a rotatable 90° bar hatch. FYN-U1 rotary dampers from ACE make opening and closing the hatch easier, but also protect it against overloading of the end positions. The brakes also prevent fingers becoming trapped. The so-called limited rotary dampers still find sufficient working angle up to a maximum of 115°. For other cases, ACE has fully rotational rotary dampers available.

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