Vibration Control in the high-end audio range

Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts PLM
Close-up of ACE's four Pneumatic Levelling Mount elements in the hi-fi rack Copyright: ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH, 40764 Langenfeld, Germany
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“Bad vibrations“ eliminated with VibroChecker

For pristine sound, a manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers relies on air springs from ACE. This effectively eliminates disruptive ambient vibrations that enter the demonstration room from a neighbouring workshop and disturb the listening experience. The PLM-1 air springs, which have a low natural frequency of 3 Hz, are used as a bearing in the hi-fi rack for decoupling. ACE was able to prove the effectiveness measurably with the company's own app VibroChecker PRO. In the meantime, the manufacturer offers the high-end amplifiers optionally with the air springs and the app from ACE to the end customers.

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