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Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GS-8 to GS-70
The special feature of the high-quality, weather-resistant park bench from ROBI AG is the patented folding system in which the designers have integrated ACE industrial gas springs Copyright: ROBI AG, 4323 Wallbach, Switzerland
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High quality park bench stays dry and saves space due to ACE industrial gas springs

As a specialist in disposal containers for public spaces, ROBI AG from Switzerland offers cities and municipalities high-quality park benches. These remain dry when not in use because the seats fold up automatically. For this solution called “BANKOMAT“, they turned to the ACE gas spring team after internet research. After the design via software on the homepage of ACE and practical tests on site, the industrial gas springs of the type GS-19-250 with an extension force of 100 Newton, which can be filled customer-specifically via valve, proved to be ideal for the speed regulation and optimally suitable for the high-quality construction.

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