Opening and closing system for heavy barriers

Industrial Shock Absorbers MC33 to MC64
A heavy, five-ton barrier safely stopped by MAGNUM shock absorbers Copyright: J.P. van Eesteren B.V., 1006 BD Amsterdam, Netherlands
impact or collision protection, machines and plants, conveyor technology, transport systems, heavy load applications

Safety systems with MAGNUM shock absorbers guarantee that barriers can be opened and closed quickly on emergency exits

Industrial shock absorbers MAGNUM MC64150 from ACE are integrated into the overall safety design for the Amsterdam metro system. In contrast to previous solutions, they ensure rapid opening and stopping for a five-ton barrier located at the end of an emergency escape route. In this application, over 5,100 Nm of energy are able to be absorbed per stroke. Through installing shock absorbers in end positions of the design, over 63,700 kg of effective weight are able to be absorbed. ACE provided an excellent solution, even with an impact speed of approximately 1.8 meters per second and the barrier exit grille at an unusual impact angle.

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