Transport protection for electronic racks and cases

Profile Dampers TUBUS TR
Various ACE TUBUS profile dampers beneath the platform enable the individual adjustment of the protective platform to the weight of the various AV racks Copyright: BLOW UP Videoproduktion, 22587 Hamburg, Germany
impact or collision protection, vehicles and transport industry, off road

Increased shock resistance thanks to the damping of transport boxes for high-quality audio and video technology

High-quality audio and video technology literally have a high turnover rate in lorries during transport. Well-cushioned shipping crates are necessary in order that the high-quality equipment is not damaged and that work can begin immediately at any location in the world. To eliminate, in particular, the damaging vertical impetuses due to impacts and falling, the video production company relies on radially-cushioning TUBUS TR67-40 profile dampers. Their radial loading enables very long and soft braking operations, which prevent the destructive mass forces from being applied to the equipment, even if the crates fall.

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