Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type

Optimised dual force for heavy flaps and wide angle applications

Valve Technology
Extension force max. 5,000 N
Stroke - mm

Cover two differing force ranges: Tandem push type gas springs by ACE are maintenance-free and ready-to-install with two pressure tubes with different extension forces and progression curves. With this type of gas spring you cover the different force ranges between the start and end of an application. These force ranges are adjusted and compliment each other, designed individually for the relevant application by the free of charge ACE calculation service, then are specifically manufactured adjusted precisely to the required dynamics of the application.

The customer specific systems, for which there are many fitting parts, are specifically suitable for heavy loads with large opening angle and can also be delivered in stainless steel versions.
Valve Technology


Stroke- mm
Stroke A70 mm
Stroke B300 mm
L extended925 mm

Technical data

Extension force max. 5,000 N

Piston rod diameter Ø 20 mm

Progression according to calculation relating to your application

Lifetime Approx. 10,000 m

Operating temperature range -20 °C to +80 °C

Material Outer body, End fittings: zinc plated steel; Piston rod: steel with wear-resistant coating

Operating fluid nitrogen gas and oil

Mounting in any position. Please adopt the mounting points determined by ACE.

End position damping length Application-specific end position damping and extension speed.

Positive stop External positive stop at the end of stroke provided by the customer.


These gas springs are tailored to the relevant application and are therefore not available ex stock.

End fittings

They are interchangeable and if necessary must be positively secured by the customer to prevent unscrewing.

On request

Special oils and other special options. Alternative accessories. Material 1.4301/1.4305, AISI 304/303 (V2A) and 1.4404/1.4571, AISI 316L/316Ti (V4A).

General information

Application Examples

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type - GST-40 Tandem
Underground distribution systems are visually advantageous. To facilitate their servicing, the heavy covers of the often large supply systems are brought back to the surface with the help of ACE industrial tandem gas springs (push type). This is...
Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type - GST-40 Tandem
Industrial gas springs add support to the muscular strength of the user when opening doors, hoods and covers. Standard models however, which are used for example on vehicle hoods and tailgates, are limited by the functional principle on which they...

Application Areas

  • hoods
  • shutters
  • machine housing
  • conveyor systems
  • folding elements
  • loading and lifting equipment
Tandem push type gas springs from ACE are used in industrial applications such as in mechanical engineering, in the automobile, electronics and furniture industries, but also in medical technology as well as for service hatches.

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