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Basic Types
TYPESEnergy capacity Nm/cycleEnergy capacity emergency use Nm/cycleStroke max. mm

Profile Dampers

Compact size with soft deceleration and high energy absorption

Radial Damping, Hard Version
Energy capacity 228.0 Nm/cycle
Stroke max. 50 mm

Harder mixture of materials for higher energy absorption: The maintenance-free and ready-to-install TR-H profile dampers, are stressed radially in the same way as the basic TR model. With almost the same dimensions, they also decelerate with a very long and soft action. The harder co-polyester elastomer mixture leads to significantly high energy absorption of 2.7 Nm to 427 Nm in these models. Easy to mount due to the supplied special screw.

The TR-H product family is space-saving with dimensions of Ø 30 mm to Ø 102 mm. It complements the TUBUS range between the progressive TR and almost linear TS models. Users are therefore provided with a full range of deceleration curves within the ACE TUBUS family.
Radial Damping, Hard Version


Stroke max.50 mm
A77 mm
B82 mm
C95 mm
D124 mm
MM8 mm
LM8 mm

Technical data

Energy capacity 228.0 Nm/cycle

Energy capacity emergency use 342.0 Nm/cycle

Energy absorption 39 % to 62 %

Dynamic force range 550 N to 21,200 N

Operating temperature range -40 °C to +90 °C

Construction size 30 mm to 102 mm

Mounting in any position

Material hardness rating Shore 55D Shore

Material Profile body: co-polyester elastomer

Environment Resistant to microbes, seawater or chemical attack. Excellent UV and ozone resistance. Material does not absorb water or swell.

Impact velocity range Max. 5 m/s

Torque max. M5: 3 Nm
M6: 6 Nm
M8: 20 Nm


Suitable for emergency stop applications and for continous use. For applications with preloading and increased temperatures please consult ACE.

Safety information

Mounting screw should additionally be secured with Loctite.

On request

Special strokes, -characteristics, -spring rates, -sizes and -materials.

General information

Application Examples

Profile Dampers - TUBUS TR-H
For the second generation of their unique, because foldable and three-wheeled e-scooter, the engineers of scuddy GmbH & Co. KG aimed for even more individual damping than the previous model. This electric scooter already uses our TUBUS profile...
Profile Dampers - TUBUS TR-H
The universal capping machine from Metallatelier GmbH is used to automatically seal various bottles and sizes when filling them with disinfectants. To protect the movable topp art of the unit, including the hood, the designers were looking for...

Application Areas

  • furniture industry
  • sports equipment
  • linear slides
  • pneumatic cylinders
  • handling modules
  • machines and plants
  • stacking units
  • electro-mechanical drives
  • conveyor systems
  • dock constructions for shipbuilding
The TUBUS TR-H products are suitable end position dampers in linear axes, in toolmaking and tool machines and in hydraulic, pneumatic and handling equipment as well as other applications.

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