Profile dampers make excellent electric scooters even better

Profile Dampers TUBUS TR-H
The compact TUBUS are integrated by scuddy on the swing arm of the e-scooters and absorb shocks most effectively there for chassis stabilisation Copyright: Scuddy GmbH & Co. KG, 24106 Kiel, Germany
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Three basic TUBUS types for individualised damping increase ride comfort

For the second generation of their unique, because foldable and three-wheeled e-scooter, the engineers of scuddy GmbH & Co. KG aimed for even more individual damping than the previous model. This electric scooter already uses our TUBUS profile dampers and SLAB cut-to-size shock absorption plates. After consultations with us and successful sampling, scuddy now uses TUBUS of the basic types TR64-41H-OS, TR68-37H-OS or TR79-42H-OS in the new e-scooter Premium V2, depending on the weight class of the owners.

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