Safety Dampers TUBUS TC and TC-S
Protection device consisting of 20 profile dampers of ACE Company, on which the drawer of the dross sorting plant is stored during operation Copyright: Wieland-Werke AG, 89079 Ulm, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation
machines and plants, heavy load applications, impact or collision protection

TUBUS damping for more sustainable sorting

A sorting plant for copper from Wieland-Werke AG is used to separate the metal-dross mixture. During the separation process the metal runners with a mass of up to 4,000 kg land in a steel collecting structure. With a drop height of 2.3 m and a cycle of 8 impacts per hour, the entire structure was permanently overstressed and required frequent maintenance. After the integration of 20 TUBUS Safety Dampers type TC137-90, which are mounted in series under the fall arrest structure, the system is now reliably protected. The 20 TUBUS absorb the forces evenly and also reduce noise.

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