End position damping for hydraulic cylinders in test systems

Profile Dampers TUBUS TR
Economical end position absorption on the hydraulic drive Copyright: Worthmann Maschinenbau GmbH, 26676 Barßel-Harkebrügge, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation
test and calibration appliances, handling modules, machines and plants, test stations, swivel units

Gentle end position damping in hydraulic drives of test systems for vehicle tanks

In a testing facility for vehicle tanks, the test specimens are pulled out of the water with a support arm. A hydraulic cylinder carries out the swinging movement and is attenuated in the end position by two TUBUS TR85-50. Even if this work could be taken over by other absorber solutions, the energy balance clearly speaks for the benefits of the profile dampers: they are inexpensive, they save space, they are free of leaks due to solid construction and are suitable for underwater functions in the test pool.

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