Impact minimisation in wheel aligning machines in bicycle production

Hydraulic Dampers HB-12 to HB-70
Tuning a wheel aligning machine with ACE hydraulic dampers Copyright: Holland Mechanics BV, 1442 PZ Purmerend, Netherlands
Mech. Engineering & Automation
production plants, test and calibration appliances

Minimisation of production waste through efficient shock and impact reduction in wheel aligning machines

Incorrectly tensioned spokes can cause the rims of bicycle wheels to distort. To avoid this, consistent values are always required when tensioning. This is assured by ACE hydraulic dampers installed in high-quality wheel aligning machines in the Netherlands, thus ensuring a seamless production process. This is because in contrast to the rubber dampers previously used in the machine, the better controlled gentle movements now possible prevent undesired rebound effects, and thus production can now be faster, better and with less waste.

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