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Clamping Elements

Strong holding force on the shaft

Pneumatic Rotational Clamping
Holding torque 1,806 Nm

Direct clamping on the shaft: Rotation motions are prevented by the ACE models LOCKED R. Their clamping elements are available for shaft diameters of 50 mm to 340 mm and ensure maximum holding forces.

The clamp is immediately applied by the diaphragm and spring-plate system when pressure is lost. Pneumatic quick-switch valves reduce the reaction times. The costs are low in comparison with hydraulic clamping systems. Their performance is, however, achieved or exceeded despite the compact and easy to assemble design. Special versions for YRT bearings as well as active clamping elements are additionally available. ACE recommends the use of the optional shaft flange as wear protection. The clamping force can be increased considerably by the use of the additional air function.

CAD Drawings


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Pneumatic Rotational Clamping


α20 °
β10 °
A468 mm
B450 mm
C opened340+0.05/+0.07 mm
D22 mm
NG1/8 mm

Technical data

Holding torque 1,806 Nm

Operating pressure 4 bar

Shaft Diameter 340-0.01/-0.03 mm

Clamping cycles 1,000,000

Mounting in any position

Material Outer body: hardened fine-grain structural steel, inner bore ground

Pneumatic medium dried, filtered air

Operating temperature range 10 °C to 45 °C


If requested installation drawings of the respective types are provided.

On request

Special designs and customised solutions e.g. YRT bearing up to Ø 460 mm and shaft flange available on request.

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