Decoupling of transformers

Vibration-Isolating Pads SLAB 170 to SLAB 275
SLAB plates eliminate vibration from 490-kg transformers and also contribute to significant noise reduction Copyright: LTi DRiVES GmbH, 35633 Lahnau, Germany
Power Plant & Grid
oscillation insulation, machines and plants, electronic systems, cladding, panels and flanges, control boxes

Decoupling heavy transformers from the foundation effectively eliminates noise and vibrations

Interference frequencies in a switch cabinet caused two parallel-connected transformers to vibrate so much that working quietly in adjacent rooms was all but impossible. Because they stood on the ground, it was their weight that caused office staff who worked in the same building to feel the effects first hand. The resulting noise was equally bad. SLAB plates of the type SL-170-25 reduced the vibration levels of the transformers by 91 percent. Through this application, a pleasant working environment has now been established.

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