Safety Dampers TUBUS TC and TC-S
An important component of SMJ's damping systems for air transport are tailor-made ACE TUBUS safety dampers Copyright: SMJ Sondermaschinenbau GmbH, 85414 Kirchdorf, Germany
impact or collision protection, aircraft and car testing stations, emergency stop damping in linear axes

TUBUS made to measure for transport by helicopter

Helicopters are lightly built and must be handled with appropriate care, especially if these flying objects are to be brought to their place of operation as air cargo. Then the interior of the transport aircraft is usually only slightly larger than the helicopter body. For protection there are efficient overall damping systems from SMJ Sondermaschinenbau GmbH.
Especially for this application ACE has modified safety dampers of the type TUBUS of the TC-S series. The custom-made product is integrated into the landing system and increases the energy absorption capacity by 124.000 N. In this way the dampers prevent damage during extreme landings or other vibrations during the flight.

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