Impact protection for aircraft

Miniature Shock Absorbers SC190 to SC925
A team of students is protecting its quadrocopter under test conditions in the THM University of Applied Sciences laboratory against impact using ACE dampers Copyright: THM University of Applied Sciences, Faculty 12 (M), Laboratory for Robotics, Actuator and Sensor Technology, 61169, Friedberg, Germany
air and space travel, impact or collision protection, test stations

Protection of sensitive components of a quadrocopter in case of a fall

In the course of a robotics project, students equipped quadrocopters with miniature shock absorbers. In order to avoid costly repairs and associated downtime when researching flight characteristics and learning how to use the helicopter, the prospective academics installed the self-adjusting ACE SC650 miniature shock absorbers on both the top and bottom of the helicopter. These reliably protect the batteries, three-phase drives, sensors and an optionally integrated camera from damage in case of a crash.

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