Simplified handling and faster changeover times with automated sealing of screw caps

Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type GZ-15 to GZ-40
The capping unit can be raised and lowered by the operating personnel without much effort thanks to our industrial gas pull type spring (middle) Copyright: Metallatelier GmbH, Deggenhausen, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation

Industrial gas pull type springs demonstrate strength in the smallest of spaces

When optimising a special machine that automatically closes different bottle sizes, Metallatelier GmbH had the task of reducing changeover times. Since a power-independent solution was preferred for the height adjustment and speed regulation of their unique universal capping machine, the main interest was in our industrial gas push type springs. The compact overall design of the capping machine proved to be the biggest challenge for integrating these slim components. However, our industrial gas pull type springs of the GZ-28-250-DD-330N type fit perfectly.

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