Motion optimisation of accelerators in racing cars

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GS-8 to GS-70
ACE industrial gas springs support the driver’s foot in critical situations Copyright: HAWKS Racing e. V., Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
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Mastering extreme situations in a racing car safely by calming the accelerator pedal with ACE gas springs

The versatility of ACE's industrial gas springs is demonstrated through their use in a racing car. Installed on the accelerator, they compensate disruptive pedal movements through the backflow of nitrogen when the throttle valve is opened. This compensation is achieved through the gas spring building up slight counter pressure. The driver’s foot is thus stabilised in critical situations and can hold the desired pedal position more consistently, despite the vibrations from driving. This results in measurable improvements in both safety and in lap times in comparison to the previously used screw springs.

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