Damping system for pick and place machines

Miniature Shock Absorbers SC190 to SC925
Optimised production in the electronics industry Copyright: Stebie Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation
linear slides, pneumatic cylinders, handling modules, machines and plants, finishing and processing centres

Optimal end position damping on swivel movements in production lines in the electronics industry

ACE miniature shock absorbers optimize production with minimum expenditure. The cycle rate for an assembly line producing electronic components was increased to 3,600 units/hr. The ACE SC190 miniature shock absorbers decelerate the rapid transfer movements on the production line and using soft damping methods optimize the pick up and set down of components. This soft deceleration technique has increased production and reduced maintenance on the portal and rotary actuator modules. The optional side load adaptor protects the shock absorber from high side load forces and increases the operating lifetime. It was possible to reduce maintenance costs by 50% and operating costs by 20%, diminishing energy consumption.

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