Braking systems for gripper carriages

Industrial Shock Absorbers MC33 to MC64
Industrial shock absorbers optimize portal operation Copyright: Bosch Rexroth AG, 30880 Laatzen, Germany
Mech. Engineering & Automation
linear slides, swivel units, turntables, portal systems, machines and plants

Productivity increasing braking system for gripper carriages in portal constructions

In this design, driven by rodless pneumatic cylinders, two gripper carriages move independently of each other at speeds of 2 to 2.5 m/s. ACE industrial shock absorbers from the product family MC33 to MC64 are used as brake systems, which have to stop a mass of 25 kg up to 540 times per hour in a material-friendly manner. The MC3350 model was used in this case, which allows the sliding stop slides to be adjusted very easily and precisely in the end position. Compared to brakes that work differently, the ACE shock absorbers enable higher travel speeds and shorter cycle sequences. This optimization of the unit in terms of machine loading results in a significant increase in productivity.

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