Miniature Shock Absorbers MC150 to MC600
Sort more packages at higher speeds: this is what Equinox MHE Split Tray Sorters do with the help of ACE Miniature Shock Absorbers Copyright: Equinox MHE, 2182 BW Hillegom, Netherlands
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Faster sorting with Miniature Shock Absorbers

For a particularly space-saving design of its new split tray sorters, the Dutch company Equinox MHE has reduced the curve radii. ACE's MC150 Miniature Shock Absorbers are used to maintain the high speed in the curves.
In continuous operation, these self-adjusting, maintenance-free types have proven to be ideal retarders after tests. In addition to reliable braking of fast movements in curves, they are characterized by maximum service lives of up to 25 million load changes thanks to ACE's rolling diaphragm technology.

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