Wing stabilisation of spraying systems for plant protection products

Hydraulic Dampers HB-12 to HB-70
ACE hydraulic dampers stabilise delicate wings of the extremely efficient spraying unit Copyright: Wingssprayer, 6026 RH Maarheeze, Netherlands
Agricultural Machines
agricultural machinery, oscillation insulation, off road

Stabilisation of filigree wing spray units helps to increase the efficiency of spraying machines for plant protection products

The innovative designer of the Wingsprayer from the Netherlands relies on ACE hydraulic dampers to make the spraying of agricultural chemicals more efficient, being gentle on the environment at the same time. They stabilise the delicate wings of the machine so that these can press the plants to be sprayed downwards slightly. The utilisation of aerodynamic air currents and the effect of the air stream ensure a finer coverage of the plants with the sprayed chemical and, according to the inventor, reduce the environmental impact of the process by 99 percent.

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