Protection systems for motor-driven cooker hoods

Rotary Dampers FDN
Rotary dampers in high-end cooker hoods safeguard the protection of drive units and protect chefs, even during power failures Copyright: berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH, 48432 Rheine, Germany
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Discreet movement compensation to protect against failure damage for lowerable high-end cooker hoods

For ergonomic handling, modern cooker hoods can be driven by a motor into an up position and then down again. When driven downwards, an AC load can result in a total loss through current being fed back into the voltage source. One of the tasks of the ACE FDN rotary dampers is to prevent this. The modern machine elements are also built to provide protection against motor failure. Sliding the hood down too quickly could lead to further costly damage to the hood and the ceiling console and even cause personal injury.

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