Compactness and operating safety in the beam arm of X-ray units

Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type GZ-15 to GZ-40
Key components for compactness and operating safety in the beam arm of the Wandong X-ray unit are gas traction springs from ACE Copyright: Beijing Wandong Medical Technology Co. Ltd., Chaoyang District, 100015 Beijing, China
Medical & Health
medical technology

ACE Gas springs facilitate COVID-19 diagnosis

In order to quickly obtain images of the condition of infected patients' lungs, digital mobile X-ray machines are effective tools in COVID-19 diagnostics. During the first wave in Wuhan, the Wandong company was able to deliver them quickly. This was also because gas traction springs from ACE had already outperformed competitor solutions in tests, and these could then be supplied in several hundred units of consistent quality in a very short time during times of crisis. These industrial gas springs from ACE are important work aids in that they literally relieve the medical staff and increase safety as well as ease of operation of the X-ray equipment.

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