Brake components for pneumatic linear modules

Miniature Shock Absorbers MC5 to MC75
Miniature Shock Absorber in compact pneumatic module
Mech. Engineering & Automation
miniature slides, pneumatic cylinders, handling modules, copiers, measuring tables

Constant deceleration force, high speeds and extreme repeat accuracy for pneumatic linear modules

Pneumatic linear modules in miniature slide systems ensure high speeds with constant repeat accuracy. In this design, pneumatic end-of-travel damping was deliberately omitted and shock absorbers from ACE were used. This is because the compact MC5 to MC75 miniature shock absorbers decelerate the movements more safely and quickly when the end position is reached. They always absorb the mass gently and decelerate evenly over the entire stroke. Further advantages: significantly simpler construction, smaller pneumatic valves, smaller maintenance units and lower compressed air consumption.

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