High clamping power for all compact design rail profiles

Process Clamping for Rail Systems, Compact
Holding force 1,250 N

Small can clamp perfectly too: The LOCKED-Family PLK clamping elements are more compact than the PL components. They also clamp directly onto the respective linear guide, suit all standard rail sizes from 15 mm to 55 mm and profiles from the known suppliers and are extremely reliable and space-saving.

Thanks to the patented spring steel plate system, the LOCKED-Family PLK achieves clamping and holding forces of up to 2,100 N with the shortest reaction times when vented. LOCKED PLK achieve 100 % clamping force due to the steel pads that are used, even on greased rails. The clamping elements represent the maximum holding forces. Whether in the 4 or 6 bar version, they are good for up to 1 million cycles.
Process Clamping for Rail Systems, Compact


B96 mm
C22 mm
D8.75 mm
E- mm
G55 mm
G48 mm
H42 mm
H35 mm
L67 mm
MM10 mm
NG1/8 mm

Technical data

Holding force 1,250 N

Operating pressure 6 bar

Rail sizes 15 mm to 55 mm

Clamping cycles 1,000,000

Mounting in any position

Material Outer body: tool steel

Pneumatic medium dried, filtered air

Operating temperature range 15 °C to 45 °C


If requested installation drawings of the respective types are provided.

On request

Special designs on request.

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