Damping Pads

Energy absorption in pad format

Confectioning and Combinable
Energy capacity max. 40.0 Nm/cycle
Stroke 12.5 mm

Tailor made damping material in pad format: SLAB damping pads are made of a viscoelastic PUR-material. They absorb impact loads extremely effectively and are also suitable for insulating or damping vibration.

The pads of the product family SL-030 to SL-300 are quickly adapted to the relevant type of application. This is in part achieved through the configuration of the calculating tool or directly by the ACE specialist engineers. Furthermore, this is possible because the standard material can be cut exactly and quickly to any customer requirement with our new cutting system. It is also possible to obtain a sample to find an optimum solution.
Confectioning and Combinable


Stroke12.5 mm
A70.7 mm
B70.7 mm
C25.0 mm

Technical data

Energy capacity max. 40.0 Nm/cycle

Area 5,000 mm2

Return Time 5 s

Standard density 340

Standard colour green

Dimensions Widths: up to 1.500 mm
Lengths: up to 5.000 mm
Thickness: 25 mm

Environment Resistant against ozone and UV radiation. Chemical resistancy on request.

Operating temperature range -5 °C to +50 °C

Material Profile body: mixed cellular PUR-Elastomer (polyurethane)


Possibilities for cutting: Water jet cutting, stamping, splitting, sawing and drilling.

Safety information

Fire rating: Class E, normally flammable, according to EN 13501-1; test method: EN ISO 11925-2

On request

Special versions with further dimensions such as thicknesses, colours, shapes and drawing parts e.g. curves. Different wear layers.

General information

Application Examples

Damping Pads - SLAB 030 to SLAB 300
The damping pads SLAB 030 to SLAB 300 were developed to absorb shock loads. In this case, they make tyre testing systems safer by providing optimum protection for the sliding parts of the machine during quality tests. The individual customisation...
Damping Pads - SLAB 030 to SLAB 300
In this application, SLAB damping mats SL-030 with a thickness of 12 mm were screwed between two steel sheets over the entire surface in order to protect wooden strips with different weights and impact speeds of approx. 2 m/s. This creates an even...
Damping Pads - SLAB 030 to SLAB 300
The customizable ACE damping pads SLAB 030 to SLAB 300 protect man and machine. At the beginning of the construction phase of a modern processing centre at the end position, a 25 kg cable channel collided with force against the housing and...
Damping Pads - SLAB 030 to SLAB 300
Airports endeavour to shorten air passengers’ waiting times as much as possible. This aim is met with a solution especially developed for luggage transport systems and has solved previous damping issue. A combination of SLAB damping pads and TUBUS...

Application Areas

  • linear slides
  • handling modules
  • luggage and transport belts
  • impact panels
  • pipeline insulation
  • foundation mounting
  • conveyor technology
  • electronic systems and controls
  • medical technology
  • buildings
The SLAB damping pads are proven impact or collision protection. They are used on luggage and transport belts, conveyor systems, pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic drives as well as on linear carriages.

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