Vibration Control
Basic Types
TYPESLoad max. kgM mm

Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts

Easy to use, wide selection

Pneumatic Air Spring Elements
Natural frequency 3 Hz to 10 Hz
Load range 20 kg to 8,800 kg

Extremely low natural frequency of only 3 Hz: With the air spring elements of the product family PLM, ACE can now offer low frequency vibrations and impact isolation to many sectors. There are eight different, readily available off-the-shelf designs, which can withstand small to large loads from 45 kg up to 8,800 kg. They enable all types of equipment to be isolated from undesirable vibrations and at the same time can be used for perfect levelling via the integrated valve. When used as a vibration absorber, the internal air chamber provides a significant isolating effect, starting at 5 Hz and up. The ratio of horizontal to vertical natural frequency is 1:1 and only 3.0 Hz in optimally loaded conditions.
Pneumatic Air Spring Elements


A106 mm
B65 mm
C3.2 mm
D89 mm
d1105 mm
d256 mm
d36.9 mm
MM12 mm
LM13.5 mm

Technical data

Natural frequency 3 Hz to 10 Hz Hz

Load range 20 kg to 135 kg kg

Standard colour black

Operating pressure 5 bar to 6 bar bar

Operating temperature range -30 °C to +50 °C

Damping 3 Hz to 10 Hz %

Material Outer body: aluminium PLM 1, 3, 6, 12; zinc plated steel PLM 24, 48, 96, 192; Isolation medium: neoprene

On request

Special vibration-isolating feet according to design and custom-made product. Special models.

General information

Application Examples

PLM - Projector, Vibration isolation
PLM - Projector, Vibration isolation
In an opera production a 3D HDD projector was supposed to project images onto the stage during performances. Standing as it did on a trolley, which was to be moved over a tiled floor, the projector was virtually unusable. The problem was solved by combining an increase in the projector frame to 10 kg with the assembly of pneumatic levelling mounts of the type PLM-1. PLM, as part of the ...
PLM - chocolate fabrication, vibration isolation
PLM - chocolate fabrication, vibration isolation
At a renowned Belgian chocolatier, part of the production process led to vibration and oscillation in an adjacent house. Despite numerous tests, the manufacturer was unable to find a solution that could isolate vibrations below 20 Hz, until they came across ACE products. The PLM pneumatic levelling elements from the ACEolator range from ACE offer significant insulation from a frequency of 5 Hz ...
PLM - Air spring elements optimise pump test stand
PLM - Air spring elements optimise pump test stand
A university of applied sciences team optimises oil pumps to reduce the fuel consumption of combustion motors. Numerous tests are necessary for this. A test stand caused undesired vibrations. PLM air spring elements from ACE ensure damping at several points. The optimum design was achieved with the company-produced measurement case and an external measuring sensor that was connected to a ...

Application Areas

  • measuring tables
  • test stations
  • high speed presses
  • production plants
  • finishing and processing centres
Users of measurement tables, test stations, high-speed presses, production plans and other constructions have expressed great satisfaction with this system.

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