Low reaction forces with long strokes

High Rack Damper, Optimized Characteristic
Energy capacity 25,200 Nm/cycle
Stroke 350 mm

Slim with a long stroke: Safety shock absorbers from the SCS38 to SCS63 product family are also designed for emergency-stop applications. Strokes of up to 1,200 mm are possible with these maintenance-free and ready-to-install dampers. Low reaction forces result due to the large strokes.

The characteristic curve or damping characteristics of all safety shock absorbers from ACE are individually adjusted to the respective application, specific to the customer. The metering orifices for the respective applications are specially calculated and produced. These tailor-made machine elements are the ideal protection because they are less expensive than industrial shock absorbers and are effective with up to 1,000 possible full load emergency stops.
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High Rack Damper, Optimized Characteristic


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