Robust for cushioning heavy loads

Rugged Fibre and Elastomer Plates
Natural frequency For shock absorption only
Load range 0 N/mm2 to 13.8 N/mm2

Available as plates, discs or sleeves: ACE's PAD low-frequency damping plates are the ideal combination of isolating elastomeric bearings and resistant fabric inlays, creating robust cushioning plates for heavy-duty areas. They ensure that impacts and shocks are cushioned effectively, and that vibrations and structure-borne noise are isolated, because since PAD plates can withstand compressive loads of up to 69 N/mm2, depending on their form and size. The material can also be cut and built up in layers, and displays first class compression properties and a low creep tendency of only about 5 % when under a continuous static load.

PAD plates are used for foundations for presses, plants and machines, under cranes, as impact plates, for pipelines and bridges, and for a wide range of other heavy duty applications.

Technical data

Natural frequency For shock absorption only

Load range 0 N/mm2 to 13.8 N/mm2

Standard colour black

Dimensions Widths: up to 1,500 mm
Lengths: up to 5,000 mm
Thicknesses: 1.6 mm; 2.4 mm; 3.2 mm; 4.0 mm; 4.8 mm; 6.0 mm; 7.0 mm; 8.8 mm; 12.7 mm; 16.0 mm; 19.0 mm; 25.4 mm

Operating temperature range -55 °C to +95 °C

Material Profile body: mixed cellular PUR-Elastomer (polyurethane)

Application field foundations for presses, plants and machinery, buildings, heavy load applications, bridges, pipelines, crane rail systems, pumping stations and generators, vibrators and crushing systems


Possibilities for cutting: Water jet cutting, stamping, splitting, sawing and drilling.


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