Ideal for preventing unbalanced masses from vibrating

Pre-tensioned High-Performance Bearing Surface
Natural frequency 4.5 Hz to 16 Hz
Load range 6.3 kg bis 1,814.4 kg

Effective isolation of machines and plants: The COM product range consists of robust heavy duty bearings, which are particularly good at preventing vibrations and structure-borne noise due to unbalanced masses. These prestressed machine elements are maintenance-free and improve efficiency in all low frequency application ranges above about 15 Hz. Using a linkage, the natural frequency of the system can be reduced to between 6 and 10 Hz. Interfering frequencies above 900 rpm (15 Hz) are effectively isolated. At 1,500 rpm (25 Hz) the level of isolation is 90 %.

Made from galvanised metal and neoprene, they can be used at temperatures between -30 °C and +80 °C.

The heavy duty mount is normally used in vertical load applications - above all for industrial machines, small motors, pumps and compressors.

Technical data

Natural frequency 4.5 Hz to 16 Hz

Load range 6.3 kg bis 1,814.4 kg

Operating temperature range -30 °C to +80 °C

Environment Resistant against UV radiation

Material Outer body: Zinc plated steel; Isolation medium: Neoprene (Chloroprene Rubber)

Application field Compressors and ventilation systems, Centrifuges, Vibrators and crushing systems, Blowers, Off road, Shipbuilding, Military, Injection moulding plants, Control boxes


Low-frequency application range from about 15 Hz

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