Effective vibration isolation in all directions

Vibration-Isolating Mounts
Natural frequency 16 Hz to 46 Hz
Load range 0.5 kg to 22.7 kg

Perfect for protecting lightweight equipment: AAM isolators, which are maintenance-free and ready-made, are designed to withstand loads between 0.5 kg and 22.7 kg. This enables the impact and vibration isolator connection elements to effectively protect lightweight components, despite their small size. They isolate in all directions and can be installed in every conceivable spatial axis. They are suitable for all shear, compression and tension loads. As standard they are made from galvanised metal and neoprene rubber elements. A highly shock-absorbing silicone version is also available from ACE for special applications, to protect against heavy impacts.

AAM All Attitude Mounts are primarily used for isolating light-weight electronic systems and components, but also in off-road vehicles and for military applications.

Technical data

Natural frequency 16 Hz to 46 Hz

Load range 0.5 kg to 22.7 kg

Operating temperature range -30 °C to +80 °C

Environment Resistant against UV radiation

Material Outer body: zinc plated steel; Isolation medium: neoprene chloroprene rubber)

Application field electronic systems and controls, off road, shipbuilding, military


Shock absorption possible.

Mounting information

Can be installed in all spatial axes. Can be used for shear, compressive and tensile loads.

On request

Special applications with high-damping silicone.