Rotary Dampers

Rotary Dampers
  • Maintenance-free and self-contained
  • Safe motion
  • Design-oriented
  • Economical construction
  • Broad range of application


Rotary Dampers
  • High energy absorption with small modules
  • Controlled motion
  • Safe opening and closing
  • Protection of delicate components
  • Inexpensive

These imaginative and practical units ensure a controlled opening and closing of small lids, trays and drawers with braking torques of 0.05 Ncm to 40 Nm.

The Rotary dampers are often used to protect delicate parts e.g. in CD-player-inserts, copiers, furniture, toilet lids, return valves and a multitude of other applications.

Maintenance free, self-contained rotary dampers are provided with outer bodies made of metal or plastic.

They are available with fixed or adjustable damping rates.

The damping can be clockwise, anticlockwise or in both directions.

The output connection can be directly onto the shaft or via a gear.

Rotary dampers with gears are available with 4 standard modules and we can deliver plastic racks to suit, as accessories.


Rotary Dampers

ACE rotary dampers are filled with a high viscosity fluid - usually silicone.

The fluid is passed through an orifice or groove.

The damping torque generated depends on the fluid viscosity and the orifice configuration.

A constant damping force is rotationally created with Continuous Rotary Dampers.

The output connection can be direct on the rotating shaft or linear via gear and rack.

At a maximum rotational speed of 50 revs/min and a maximum cycle rate of 10/min, the rotary dampers still have more than 80% of their damping torque after 50,000 cycles.

Limited Rotary Dampers have a restricted working angle.

They are available with fixed or adjustable damping torque.

The adjustment is made with an integrated set screw.

In the standard unit the damping is in both directions. Other options available are, clockwise or anticlockwise rotations with free, non damping return.


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