• Sensitive adjustment
  • Immediately deliverable from stock
  • Safe and reliable production
  • Stick-slip-free
  • High service life of the machine
  • Shorter processing times
  • Lightweight and low cost construction
  • Low operating costs
  • Quiet and economic machines
  • Low machine load
  • Increased profits
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AdjustmentOn models MA30 up to MA150: by turning the adjustment screw at rear. On the larger sizes: by turning the adjustment knob against the scale marked 0 to 9. After installation, cycle the machine a few times and turn the adjustment knob until optimum deceleration is achieved (i.e. smooth deceleration throughout stroke).
Impact velocity rangeEnsure that effective weight of application is within the range of the unit chosen. Special range units available on request.
MaterialShock absorber body: Nitride hardened steel. Accessories: Steel with black oxide finish or nitride hardened. Piston rod: Hardened stainless steel.
W4 capacity rating(max. energy per hour Nm/hr) If your application exceeds tabulated W4 figures consider additional cooling i.e. cylinder exhaust air etc. Ask ACE for assistance.
MountingIn any position. If precise end position datum is required consider use of the optional stop collar type AH. Install a mechanical stop 0.5 to 1 mm before end of stroke on FA1008.
Operating temperature range0 °C to 66 °C
On requestWeartec finish (seawater resistent). Other special finishes available to special order.
diameter max14.00
Stroke12 mm
max. length93.00 mm
Min. Propelling Force20 N
Max. Propelling Force 300 N
W322.00 Nm/Cycle
W435000 Nm/h
me min.1.00 kg
me max.109.00 kg
Min. Return Force3.00 N
Max. Return Force5.00 N
Rod Reset Time0.40 s
Max. Side Load Angle2.00 °
Base unit of measureSTK
Weight0.06 kg
Customs tariff number84879059
Country of originUSA


Industrial Shock Absorber
  • High precision adjustment
  • Infinitely variable feed rates
  • Shorter processing times
  • no adjustment required
  • Easy to mount
  • Improved safety
  • Long service life
  • Increased energy absorbtion
  • Installation possibilities inside pneumatic cylinders
  • Large range of DIN standardized accessoies
  • Very low stress transmission to machines
  • No external machenical stop required
  • Wide potential for use

These products are designed for the fine adjustment of feed rates.

You can adjust them precisely and at low propelling force achieve speeds of 12 mm/min and at high feed rate up to 38 m/min.

In the broadest sense these products act the same as the brakes in your car.

This gives you the ideal partner for applications such as saws, grinders, cutters, drills, etc.

Just like them, they decelerate the loads quickly, gently and without any recoil or bounce back.

Precision Hydraulic Feed Controls are self-contained, hydraulic elements, controlled with a precision regulator.

Also they are ideally suited for a simple and quick installation, e.g. in handling devices, rotary actuators, linear cylinders, linear cylinders and many more industrial applications.

The feed rate can be adjusted by turning the external adjuster knob.

ACE miniature and industrial shock absorbers always comply with the most demanding quality standards.

When the piston rod is depressed the hydraulic oil is forced through the adjustable precision metering orifice.

Shock absorber bodies and inner pressure chambers are fully machined from solid high tensile alloy steel. This gives a completely closed end, one-piece pressure chamber with no seals or circlips being necessary.

This provides a constant and precise feed control throughout the stroke length.

The shock absorbers are maintenance free, self-contained hydraulic devices with the most innovative sealing technology and an extremely compact design.

This prevents the stick-slip-effect with pneumatic cylinders.


Industrial Shock Absorber
  • Threaded body M25x1.5 available for easy installation and interconnecting mounting and other accessories
  • Adjuster with precision control for delicate feed rates
  • Rolling diaphragms as a dynamic seal for a very long service life
  • Pressure Chamber in inverted piston design for stronger energy absorption in compact design

Self-compensating ACE shock absorbers are maintenance free, self-contained hydraulic devices.

Precision feed controls provide an exact speed control for machine movement.

During the deceleration process, the piston rod is driven into the shock absorber.

They are self-contained, maintenance-free, leak proof, temperature stable and stick-slip-free with fine adjustment.

The hydraulic oil, in front of the piston, is forced through a multitude of metering orifices.

The proven rolling diaphragm seal provides a hermetically sealed unit and an integral accumulator for the oil displaced during the operation.

The number of metering orifices in action decreases proportionally to the distance travelled through the stroke.

The high precision adjustable metering system can provide accurate feed rates from as little as 12 mm/min with low propelling forces.

The impact velocity is smoothly reduced to zero as it approaches the end of stroke.

The displaced oil volume is forced through the adjustable precision metering orifice, providing a constant and precise feed control throughout the stroke.

The internal pressure and also the reaction force, in front of the piston remain essentially constant throughout the complete stroke length.

This provides a linear deceleration with the lowest possible strain on the machine.


  • Stop CollarAH14: Stop Collar
  • Switch Stop Collar inc. Proximity SwitchAS14: Switch Stop Collar inc. Proximity Switch
  • Side Load AdaptorBV14: Side Load Adaptor
  • LocknutKM14: Locknut
  • Clamp MountMB14: Clamp Mount
  • Steel ShroudPB14: Steel Shroud
  • Steel ButtonPS14: Steel Button
  • Rectangular FlangeRF14: Rectangular Flange
  • Air Bleed CollarSP14: Air Bleed Collar
  • Universal MountUM14: Universal Mount

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